Carroll County Circuit Court

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I am 70 years or older. Do I have to serve?

If you are 70 years of age or older and wish to be excused from jury service, put your age and birth date on the Juror Qualification Form and check "yes" to Question 20A and/or 20B.

Be sure to sign and date the form before returning it.

2. What if I have health issues?

If you are requesting to be excused due to health issues, please click here for the form you must have your treating physician complete.

3. What if I have moved?

If you have moved from Carroll County, put your new address on the Juror Qualification Form and forward it to the Jury Office along with a copy of your new driver’s license or a change-of-address card. Be sure to complete the form and sign and date it before returning it.

If you have registered to vote in Carroll County, even if you have never voted or you have registered to vote in your new state, you must contact the Board of Elections at 410-386-2080 to have your name removed.

If you do not do either of the above, you will continually be drawn for jury service in Carroll County, Maryland.

4. What if I am a full-time student?

Students are not exempt from jury service. If you submit your Juror Qualification Form manually you must include a copy of your current school schedule showing the name of the institution, your name and the beginning and ending dates of your semester. Then look at a calender and select a week that you will be available to do your jury service. Put your request and new date in writing making sure to sign and date your document. Mail it along with the completed, signed Juror Qualification Form. If you complete the Form online, you can reschedule yourself at that time. By doing it online, you will not need to send anything to the Jury Office. You will receive a letter confirming your new date shortly thereafter.

5. What if I am not a citizen?

If you are not a United States citizen, check "no" to Question 11 on the Juror Qualification Form. Along with your completed, signed Juror Qualification Form, you must provide a copy of your resident alien card; green card; student visa; or work visa. No request will be considered without your signed Form and the necessary documentation.

6. What if I have charges pending or have been convicted of a crime?

Check "yes" to either Question #15 or 16 on the Juror Qualification Form.

7. What do I do if I am in the Armed Services?

If you are in the armed services or the Organized Militia, aka, the National Guard and are currently stationed out of the State of Maryland, check "yes" to either Question 21 or 22. Please indicate on the Juror Qualification Form the branch to which you belong and where you are stationed.

If you are serving locally, you must submit either a letter from your commanding officer that complies with 10 USC Section 982 or a Military Exemption Form. Click here for the form. Return the form with your completed, signed Juror Qualification Form. No requests will be considered without your signature and the necessary documentation.

If you are providing this information for someone other than yourself, please sign and date the form, and indicate your relationship to the prospective juror.

8. What if I have vacation or business travel during my term?

If you submit your form manually, please provide documentation that shows the beginning and ending dates of either situation. Look at a calendar and select a week that you will be available to do your jury service. Put that in writing, sign it and submit everything with your completed, signed Juror Qualification Form. If you complete your form online, you can reschedule yourself at that time. By doing it online, you will not need to send anything to the Jury Office.

You will receive a letter confirming your new date shortly thereafter.

9. What if I have employment or child-care issues?

The laws of Maryland do not provide for excusal from jury service due to employment or child-care issues.

10. How was I selected for jury service?

Carroll County residents are selected at random from a merged list of registered voters, licensed drivers and persons with an MVA identification card. No one can volunteer for jury service. A Summons/Juror Qualification Form is mailed to you and you must supply the information requested on the front and back of the form and sign and date it; return the completed form to the Jury Commissioner’s office. Before returning the Juror Qualification Form, detach the summons. You must bring it with you on your first reporting date.

11. How long is my jury service?

Trial Jury Service - In Carroll County, your term of service is one week. You may have to report more than once during your term and you could be selected to sit on more than one jury during your term. From 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., you will receive an overview of the jury process from the Jury Commissioner and view an orientation film. Court usually begins at 9:30 a.m. Prospective jurors are taken into the courtroom at this time and jury selection begins immediately. If you are not selected to sit on a jury, as soon as the jury is impaneled, you may be dismissed for the day. If you are selected and the trial lasts a day, you are here until the verdict is reached. If you are selected for a trial lasting two or more days, the Judge will indicate when you will finish for the day and what time you should report the next day.

Grand Jury Service - In Carroll County, twenty-three persons are selected at random to serve as grand jurors, plus three alternates. Grand jurors meet twice a month for six months, usually the first and third Thursday of the month. Unlike petit jurors, grand jurors are given a schedule of the days they are to report. The length of a grand juror’s day depends on how many matters the State’s Attorney has to bring before the grand jury and how long it takes the jurors to decide if a person should be indicted or not.

12. What is the difference between a Trial Juror and a Grand Juror?

Grand jurors determine whether there is probable cause to charge someone with a crime. A grand jury also can conduct its own investigations. A trial juror sits, listens to evidence in a courtroom and determines a person’s guilt, innocence, or other matters.

13. What happens if I fail to appear on the day I am to appear?

Carroll County takes jury service very seriously. If you fail to appear when the recorded message indicates, you may receive a Show-Cause Order delivered to your home by the Sheriff’s constable that will direct you to appear before the Jury Judge and you could receive a fine of not more than $1000.00 and/or 60 days in jail.

14. Do I get paid for my service?

In Carroll County, you are paid $15 a day for your service. If you serve on a jury that takes more than five days, your pay for the sixth and consecutive days is $50 a day.

15. Does my employer have to pay me when I report for jury service?

At this time, your employer does not have to pay you when you report for jury service. However, your employer must allow you to attend jury service without jeopardizing your employment.

16. Is childcare or elder care provided?

The Circuit Court does not provide these services.

17. Where do I park?

Click here to view a map of parking availability. Do not park at a parking meter.

18. If I have a legitimate reason why I cannot serve for my assigned term or if I have a health issue, what should I do?

If it is a temporary situation, you can reschedule your service online. If you submit your form manually, you must include a letter with the form explaining your situation. Look at a calendar and select a week that you will be able to do your jury service. You do not have to do separate letters but you can if you wish. Be sure to sign and date your correspondence.

If you are able to serve but have special needs, such as a being diabetic and needing to take insulin, etc., inform the Jury Office in writing and the Court will make every reasonable effort to accomodate your situation. If you have a health issue and feel you should be permanently excused, see Question 2 above.

If your issue does not pertain to your health, put it in writing and submit it along with your completed, signed Juror Qualification Form to the jury Office.

19. What am I allowed to do while I wait to be selected on a jury?

While you are waiting to go into the courtroom, you may read, work on a laptop computer (public internet connection not available), or just relax. Since your wait in Carroll County is usually not a long one, you may not have time to do anything before going into the courtroom.

20. Am I permitted to bring a cell phone or other technology to court?

Cell phones or other technology are permitted in the jury assembly room but you may not receive incoming calls. Once you go into the courtroom, these devices must be turned off.

21. What if my family has an emergency while I am on a jury and I can’t use my cell phone?

If your family must reach you while you are sitting on a jury, they may call the main bailiff desk at 410-386-2654. They should give your name and the judge’s name presiding over the case for which you had to report. We will then take care of the emergency immediately.

22. What information about me will be given to the attorneys who are picking the jury?

Before jury selection begins, the attorneys are given your name, age, occupation, employer, the highest level of education you’ve achieved, your marital status, and your spouse’s occupation. If you are selected to serve on the jury, this information is used to determine if you can be fair to both sides.

23. What should I wear?

Be comfortable. Generally, no shorts, tee shirts with logos, or halter tops are permitted.

24. When can I expect an answer to my request for excusal or postponement of my jury duty?

Please allow four to five weeks. Any requests received the week prior to your term may not be answered before your term begins. If you have not received an answer from the Jury Commissioner’s office, do not assume you have been excused.

More Questions? Contact the Jury Commissioner’s office at 410-386-2093 and then press 0.Postponements can be done online, submitted in writing, faxed or emailed to the Jury Office. However, no requests will be addressed unless your Juror Qualification Form has been received online or in the Jury Office.

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