Carroll County Circuit Court


What to expect when visiting the Courthouse

The Circuit Court for Carroll County is housed in two buildings in Westminster, the Historic Courthouse, 200 Willis Street and the Courthouse Annex, 55 North Court Street. Entrance to both buildings is controlled by screening stations manned by Courthouse Security Personnel.

Courthouse Security Personnel are responsible for the screening process of all visitors accessing the public entrance to the courthouses. This includes detecting, identifying, and preventing security breaches that may impose a risk of danger or harm to oneself or others. We have a “universal screening” policy. Everyone entering the building is required to pass through a two-phase metal detection process and all purses, bags, briefcases, packages, and envelopes must pass through an x-ray machine.

Courthouse Security Personnel have established a list of items prohibited in the courthouse, which include any objects that: 1) may be used as a weapon; 2) cause a security concern; or 3) are illegal by nature. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

  • Weapons of any style or type
  • Knives and other edged or pointed instruments
  • Tape recorders
  • Cameras (except on cell phones)
  • Pepper spray

Visitors are not allowed to bring any weapons (including firearms, pointed or edged instruments) into the buildings. Illegal weapons or contraband will be confiscated, and offenders may be arrested and prosecuted.

Only Law Enforcement/Correctional Personnel on official agency business will be permitted access to the Circuit Court while in possession of a firearm. Possession of a State handgun permit does not allow a person to bring a handgun into the courthouse.

You need to know:

  • Food and beverages are not allowed past the security stations.
  • Telephones must be turned off while in the courtrooms.
  • Photographs, video, or audio may not be taken or recorded inside the courthouses.
  • All the rooms and halls are monitored with closed circuit television cameras and recorded for review.
  • Conversations inside and outside the courtrooms are recorded.
  • The wearing of Bluetooth earpieces and/or other similar devices and accessories is prohibited in the courtroom at all times.
Information or Questions – Contact the Bailiff Office (410) 386-2654