Carroll County Circuit Court

Volunteer Community Service Program

Courthouse Annex
55 N. Court Street, Suite 205
Westminster, Maryland 21157
Telephone: 410-386-2673
Fax: 410-751-5778

General Information

The Volunteer Community Service Program began in 1980. The Program offers a positive alternative to the traditional sentencing options used by this Court. Community service is an alternative to another judicial penalty. It is often considered a “break”—a chance for you to avoid a jail sentence, heavy fine, points on your driver’s license, a guilty finding, or another sentence that you could have faced. Sometimes, community service is offered in lieu of prosecution of your case. Instead, you are asked to do unpaid work for the community. The job of the Volunteer Community Service Program office in Carroll County is to interview, place and monitor juvenile and adult non-violent offenders who have been referred to our Program by the Circuit, District and Juvenile Courts. The Department of Juvenile Justice and other nationwide Alternative Sentencing Programs refer cases to our Carroll County office as well.

Volunteer Community Service Personnel

Program Coordinator - The Program Coordinator administers the Volunteer Community Services office including developing and managing its budget, and coordinating worksite recruitment, training and retention to effectively manage a caseload of juvenile and adult community service workers. The Coordinator can be reached at the above telephone number or emailed at

Caseworker - The Caseworker monitors community service workers in the completion of Court-ordered community service obligations, including work placement selections and follow-up recordkeeping. The Caseworker can be reached at the above telephone number or emailed at

Program Assistant – The Program Assistant. The Assistant performs a variety of administrative, secretarial and supervisory duties for this office. The Assistant can be reached at the above number or emailed at